AET is a difficult subject. can I handle the subject matter?

Yes, AET is a complicated subject. With a balance of theoretical instruction and hands on labs it is easier to understand. It will require some time to memorize and study schematic symbols, formulas, and laws. A good math aptitude also makes it easier to grasp the subject matter.

In todays economy is electronics a good career choice?

Even in a poor economy electronics is holding its own, especially for technicians. We live in a technological society filled with electronic equipment. Electronic technicians are needed to install and maintain everything from our cell and landline phone systems, internet infrastructure, cable and satellite tv systems, consumer electronics, life saving medical equipment, defense electronics, atm's, and even the easy pass system that makes our life easier. In pennsylvania telecommunications, industrial electronics, and casino gaming are listed on the high priority occupations list as growth fields in our area requiring new technicians to fill positions.

How much homework and how many tests are given in AET?

Very little homework is given. What is suggested is to study a few times a week independently. 20 to 30 minutes should be sufficient. this time should be used to review notes, formulas, and handouts. Test are normally given at the end of every unit which is approximately every week. It is also recomended that students watch 1 to 2 hours of educational YouTube videos pretaining to the topics they are studying.