Mechatronics focuses on the integration of electronic and mechanical systems. Studies include basic electronics, electro/mechanical systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, communications, engineering design processes and an introduction to robotics.

Introduction to computers systems

Q01 Use of hand tools
Q02 Osha workplace safety
Q03 Proper disposal of electronic waste/recycling
Q04 Soldering/de-soldering t.h.t.
Q05 Soldering/de-soldering s.m.t.
Q06 Schematic symbols/electronic components
Q07 Direct current/basic electronic terms
Q08 Ohms law
Q09 Series/parallel circuits
Q10 Use and operation of the multi-meter
Q11 Resistor identification and testing
Q12 Basic ac circuits
Q13 Inductance, inductors, and transformers
Q14 Capacitor identification and testing
Q15 Diode identification and testing
Q16 Transistor identification and testing
Q17 Transistor amplifiers
Q18 Basic use of the signal generator
Q19 Basic use of the oscilloscope
Q20 AC/DC power supply theory
Q21 Switched mode power supply theory
Q22 Construct and analyze an ac/dc power supply

Wireless communications

R01 Radio wave propagation and modes of transmission
R02 Transmission lines and antennas
R03 Super heterodyne receiver theory
R04 Construct a super heterodyne receiver
R05 Use of the communications service monitor
R06 Two-way radio equipment, cell phone, and pcs
R07 MATW/cable TV distribution systems
R08 Dish antenna installation

Computer/TV displays

S01 The tv block diagram
S02 The computer monitor block diagram
S03 Projection technologies
S04 Direct view technologies
S05 Home theater systems.

Electro-mechanical systems/manufacturing

T01 Pneumatic systems
T02 Hydraulic systems
T03 Electrical symbols & components
T04 Electrical wiring- relays, switches, and motors
T05 DC motors and generators
T06 AC motors and generators
T07 Sensors
T08 Programmable logic controllers & digital logic
T09 Additive manufacturing/3d printing
T10 Subtractive manufacturing/milling

Audio systems

U01 Analog audio formats/theory
U02 Digital audio formats/theory
U05 Audio amplifiers
U07 Speakers and crossover networks
U08 Surround sound systems
U09 Mobile audio systems
U10 PA and intercom systems

Alarms and building automation

V01 Auto alarm systems
V02 Alarm/security systems
V03 Automation/smart building/access control systems
V05 Video surveillance systems
V06 Fire alarm systems

Wired communications/telecommunications

W01 Telecommunications cabling/topologies
W02 Identify cables and connections
W03 Install rj45, bnc, and f connectors
W04 Use and operation of the lan/cable analyzer
W06 Fiber optic cabling


X01 Prepare for the eta certified electronic technician credential
X02 Prepare for mobile electronics certification
X03 Prepare for comp-tia a+ certification
X04 Prepare for comp-tia net+ certification
X05 Prepare for nocti exam

Employability skills

XX01 Identify job requirements
XX02 Perform a job search
XX03 Prepare a job application
XX04 Participate in a job interview
XX05 Demonstrate knowledge of paycheck principles
XX06 Demonstrate knowledge of employee/employer relations